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System Construction Secrets  
  •   The Aquaponics God Manual will help you to easily setup an aquaponics system the first time so you don't waste years of your time and thousands of your dollars trying to figure it out on your own.
Water Quality Secrets 
  •  The Aquaponics God Manual will show you how to easily maintain safe water parameters for your fish and vegetables so you don't end up repeatedly killing them.  
 System Balancing Secrets
  •  The Aquaponics God Manual will show you how to easily size your system and create the perfect balance between fish, plants, and bacteria so you don't struggle with making aquaponics work.
 Filtration Secrets 
  •  The Aquaponics God Manual will teach you how to effectively use beneficial bacteria and solid waste for optimal fish and plant growth so you don't have diseased and unhealthy fish and plants.
Fish Production Secrets 
  •  The Aquaponics God Manual will help you to easily produce the highest quality fish using the best techniques so your fish don't die each time you try to grow them.
Plant Production Secrets 
  •  The Aquaponics God Manual will teach you to how to easily grow the most impressive vegetables without your vegetables always becoming diseased and lifeless.
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